Fresh shape and glass by Eric Maurus in Guethary, France


Moonlight Alaia

Moonlight Alaia from Noa Ginella on Vimeo.

The Aloha Shirt – Spirit of the Islands – by Dale Hope

New Edition — Available Very Soon !!!!


Paipo Surfing 1958-1965

Jet Skis Run From Wave – Eddie Aikau 2016 (HD drone)

Inter-Island Birdwell Jackets

Jackets were badges of honor for surf teams and competitors in the 1960’s. The Inter-Island Birdwell competition-style jackets were born from this tradition. They’re made from the same durable nylon as Birdwell boardshorts. They’re double-pinstriped, with the Birdwell label sewn on the back and the Inter-Island logo on the front.

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How to Make a Ukulele a Hundred years ago

Early Hawaii Video from Facebook


John Nippolt 2015 Triple Crown of Surfing Trophy Story

Earth Wind Map

These visualizations of global weather conditions and ocean waves, forecast by supercomputers, are updated every three hours.

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