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INTER-ISLAND SURF SHOP® commissions and sells collectable, hand shaped and laminated surfboards from shapers such as Sparky, Jim Philips, Glenn Miyasaki, Mike Casey, and others. Building on a legacy of 50 years of surfboard design and development, Inter-Island seeks to connect discriminating surfers with surfboards that represent the ultimate in the craft of surfboard building. Whether purchased for collections or for surfing, the owners of these boards honor and continue that legacy.
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INTER-ISLAND SURF SHOP® was in operation in the Territory of Hawaii, Island of Oahu during the late 50's and opened at 620 Kakaako Street in Honolulu (by the old ironworks) in 1960.
Key figures in the development of INTER-ISLAND SURF SHOP® were:

Inter-Island Surf Shop is a
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  • Mickey Lake --owner, manager, and shaper

  • Joe Kuala (aka: Joe Kitchens)--first employee, shaper and glasser

  • Sparky--shaper (who developed concave nose designs and the first solid fiberglass surfboard fins, the first modern speed fin, the textured deck, and light glassing. He also named the surf spot known as "Big Rights" and initiated the environmental group "Save Our Surf")

  • John Kelly, Jr. --shaper (who developed the "Hydro" surfboard), author, and community activist.
    Many young Honolulu locals worked or surfed for
    To name just a few:
    Kenny (Bones) Johnston, Conrad Canha, Rodney Gerard, Herbert Chun, John R. K. Clark, Frances Aiona, David Nuuhiwa, ,Raymond Patterson, Eric Parker, Jack Eberly, Manong, Harry Sonoda, Roland Sonoda, Fred Hemmings, Barry Kanaiaupuni, Kenny Tilton, Boots Mathews, Ben Aipa, Jack Shipley, Chris Green, Jim Philips,
    and more...

Photo Clarence Maki
INTER-ISLAND SURF SHOP® Has been in continuous operation since the beginning. Sparky is still using the Skill 100 planer he bought from Mickey in 1961. Barry Morrison is owner and manager.

(then and now)
Mickey Lake
Barry Morrison...current
Honolulu, Hawaii (620 Kaka’ako St.)
Honolulu, Hawaii (website)
Sparky Nose Concave
John Kelly Hydroplane
Butch Van Artsdalen
US Blanks...current
Redwood, balsa, T-band or multi-stringer
Mickey Lake
Joe Kuala (aka: Joe Kitchens)
Mike Diffenderfer
Dick Brewer
All use Skill planers
Hot dog, concaves, guns, semi guns
Inter-Island Surf Shop - Custom - Hawaii
Double 10 oz. deck and bottom plus knee patch
Double 6 oz. deck, single 6oz bottom...current
Solid, wood, laminated, or glass

© Barry Morrison
INTER-ISLAND® Surf Shop is a Registered Trademark
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