Barry Morrison Inter Island Surf Shop

There is a new sexagenarian surf kid at an old new surf shop in town. I want you to meet the new Inter-Island Surf Shop manager and owner Barry Morrison. Barry has tucked himself into the old Classic Surfboards shop at 451 Kapahulu Ave. reviving and revitalizing Inter-Island Surf Shop and surfboards which started in the Territory of Hawaii and has been on going above and underground first as a physical location in Kaka’ako since 1960. Barry speaks lovingly of the folks who have been involved in the company over the years and traces Inter-Island’s history back to the wood craftsmanship of Abel Gomes who assembled the early hollow board ideas of Tom Blake. (taken from a Chris Aherns article about Paul Strauch in a chapter of LEGENDARY SURFERS) I stopped by the new Kapahulu Avenue location, turned on my bright lights, and put Barry under the spots for an interview which I am sharing here with you. I want to thank Bill Brooks for the use of his original instrumental music in the background of this video, and I want to thank Barry Morrison for the use of some of the still photos found throughout the video.

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