Honolulu Boards fromInter-Island Surfshop

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  1. Barry,
    Thanks for the Aloha package! Love the II Polo Sirt,i wear it to special events.
    Your boards stoke and aloha are timeless and felt all the way to the deep dark Atlantic.
    All the best on the shop,and keeping surfers surfing,town style!
    Marcus-The Fin Guy

  2. Barry, I was thinking of calling you for stickers but looks like you’re in business now so good luck. All the boards I made w/iiss stickers I still have except a short quad I gave to my grand nephew. They all still rock and a few have been to NZ and Espana. I’ve got two in the mill now and have been looking for inspiring deco. Sorry to have missed Rabbit’s celebration of life. All the luck with the biz. jim stone molokai

  3. Barry,
    Thanks for letting me be one of your shop rats. Wishing you and your shop all the best in 2015…see you in the water!
    Aloha ,

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