Inside One of the Craziest Long Weekends of Lifeguard Rescues in Oahu History – from Outside Online

"During the second week of July on the island of Oahu, no one could stop talking about the huge incoming south swell. News of it was a hot topic among lifeguards, residents, and visitors alike, and as John Titchen, chief of Honolulu’s Ocean Safety Division, traded texts and emails with other local emergency-response-system staffs in preparation, he noted the anticipation and considered the consequences."


"Between Friday, July 15, and Monday, July 18, Oahu lifeguards made 2,105 rescues on the southern, windward (east), and leeward (west) coasts, including 800 on Sunday alone. For perspective, the entire island has tallied an average of 2,400 rescues annually for the past two years."

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