Surfer Kimo Hollinger Memorial Paddle Out

Punahou 1958 graduate Kimo Hollinger joined his final surf spot at Aweoweo Beach Waialua where he could see his favorite Mt. Kaala from the waves.
Aloha Kyle

This is the memorial paddle out video for surfer Henry James ‘Kimo’ Hollinger. The paddle out took place at Aweoweo Beach Park, Waialua on Oahu.

Kimo and I saw the heroics and the foolishness of the world through the same lens. We applied common sense and fun to every activity. Kimo could cross between local kine pidgin English and Standard English as it suited his need to hustle mainland caucasian girls. Kimo absorbed his education with a special talent for writing stories about surfing.

Kimo’s daughters Jenna Hollinger and Holly Craft organized a loving get-together and paddle out for their father. They are thankful to all of Kimo’s friends, the family friends, and the wonderful support the family received from both the Honolulu Fire Department and the Honolulu Ocean Safety Department for supporting their endeavor. Aunty Vicky’s son David/Kawika emceed for the family, played ukulele, and sang with his mother. The whole Hollinger ‘ohana should be congratulated.

Special thanks to Bill Brooks for the use of his music on this video and to Tom McClain for his still photos and water video.

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