Inter-Island Surfshop surfboards shaped by Jim Philips is the way to go for California surfers.   Reasons:   no shipping, no packing, or insurance from Hawaii to California which saves several hundreds of dollars.   Inter-Island Surfshop Honolulu offers our stable of local shapers for all your Oahu needs — Contact Us!

Growing up on Oahu, one of Jim's first crushes was with Inter-Island Surf Shop. At the age of 16 Jim would bring his boards to IISS to have them glassed. "Back in '64, I remember thinking that if there was a place I would like to work it would be Inter-Island and Hobie. Since nobody was offering me a job I just continued to shape in my dad's carport and bring my boards to Inter-Island for glassing. $25 was a lot of money for a kid back in '64 but that was the cost and they were the place to be. Sparky was someone we looked up to as a pioneer and craftsman - I'm honored to carry on his legacy with the IISS's a dream come true."

RSS Oahu Surf

  • Ehukai reported 0-1 ft at 2:20 PM HST.
    Wind is ENE 15-25.
  • Makaha reported 0 ft at 2:20 PM HST.
    Wind is W 10-15.
  • Makapuu reported 3-5 ft at 2:20 PM HST.
    Wind is NE 15-20.
  • Sandy Beach reported 4-6 ft at 2:20 PM HST.
    Wind is ENE 15-20. Shore Break
  • Waikiki reported 2-3 ft at 2:20 PM HST.
    Wind is NE 10-20. Canoes
  • Sunset reported 0-2 ft at 6:10 AM HST.
    Wind is ENE 15-20. MO. CLDY
  • Diamond Head reported 2-4 OCNL 6 ft at 6:50 AM HST.
    Swell direction from the SSE. Swell period is 12 seconds. Wind is ENE 10-15.
  • Surf Forecast for Oahu
    NOTE: Please check with local authorities regarding beach closures. Surf along north facing shores will be 3 to 5 feet today, lowering to 1 to 3 feet Friday. Surf along east facing shores will be 2 to 4 feet through Friday. Surf along south facing shores will be 2 to 4 feet today, rising to […]
  • Oahu Surf Hazards
    No high surf advisory or warnings.