Woody Brown


The below is from an unfinished/unpublished collaboration between Mary Sue Gannon and her father Woody Brown:

. . . The truth is the same though viewed through a round window or purple doorway.

Let me show you what I mean as a surfer.

There are many seas all over the world in various degrees of warmth,  clarity and depth.

Rolling across these seas are thousands of waves of all sizes,  shapes,  strengths and speed.

For the surfer that rides these many waves there are hundreds of different surfboards due to designer,  shaper,  personal need such as height or weight,  type of board for type of wave,  color and looks,  number of fins,  type of leash and many more.

But,  no matter what type of surfboard used,  no matter what type of wave,  in whatever part of the world,  no matter what color the man,  nationality,  language or lifestyle,  there is what I will call a universally connecting "Love Leash".   It's that overwhelming thrill as you take off on a wave,  drop down from the curl and shoot across the face with the hissing and pounding of the water at your back. That second in time that links ALL differences as ONE experience.

We certainly have all experienced these moments of truth in many different sports and daily events;   and if we dive deeper within our own psyche we ALL touch the thrill of the moment that resonates on the cord of ALL wisdom.