Paniolo Surf Jacket

Denim project goes to pipeline

Fashionable, rugged, and ready to withstand the trials of chasing big waves, Inter-Island Surf Shop’s vintage Denim jackets are adorned with iconic Inter-Island logo patches. Each jacket is unique, a one-of-a-kind combination of jacket design and patch selection and placement.

We offer vintage Denim jackets in styles for Men and Women and in many sizes.

Our IISS Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with anything — they lend a happening vibe to any outfit in any environment: from Pipeline to Waikiki, from Santa Cruz to the Vegas Strip. Wherever you are, you are a part of the surf heritage that is Inter-Island.

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Inter-Island Birdwell Jackets

Jackets were badges of honor for surf teams and competitors in the 1960’s. The Inter-Island Birdwell competition-style jackets were born from this tradition. They’re made from the same durable nylon as Birdwell boardshorts. They’re double-pinstriped, with the Birdwell label sewn on the back and the Inter-Island logo on the front.

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