this board was recently sold

This unique, beautiful surfboard was shaped by French artist Eric Maurus, based on the famous Mickey Dora’s “da cat” model, step deck design, traditional volan glassing, resin panels, glass on fin, mahogany stringer, all reminiscent of the 60’s surfboard styling.

Eric’s early influence of shaping by mentor shaper Donald Takayama, and friendship with Mickey Dora in France in 1996, was essential to his style of shaping and surfing.

Eric Maurus paintings and sculptures are also a major part of his creative process, as can be seen with the design of the 2016 Sunset Triple Crown event art.

Paniolo Surf Jacket

Denim project goes to pipeline

Fashionable, rugged, and ready to withstand the trials of chasing big waves, Inter-Island Surf Shop’s vintage Denim jackets are adorned with iconic Inter-Island logo patches. Each jacket is unique, a one-of-a-kind combination of jacket design and patch selection and placement.

We offer vintage Denim jackets in styles for Men and Women and in many sizes.

Our IISS Denim jackets are the best because you can wear them with anything — they lend a happening vibe to any outfit in any environment: from Pipeline to Waikiki, from Santa Cruz to the Vegas Strip. Wherever you are, you are a part of the surf heritage that is Inter-Island.

Please visit the store and try one on!

RSS Oahu Surf

  • EHUKAI reported 3-4 ft at 2:30 PM HST.
    Wind is VRB 05-10.
  • MAKAHA reported 2-3 ft at 2:30 PM HST.
    Wind is VRB 05-10.
  • MAKAPUU reported 1-2 ft at 2:30 PM HST.
    Wind is NE 05-10.
  • SANDY BEACH reported 1-2 ft at 2:30 PM HST.
    Wind is SE 10-15. SHORE BREAK
  • WAIKIKI reported 0-1 ft at 2:30 PM HST.
    Wind is VRB 05. CANOES
  • SUNSET reported 3-4+ ft at 8:00 AM HST.
    Swell direction from the NW. Swell period is 8 seconds. Wind is VRB 05.
  • DIAMOND HEAD reported 2-3 ft at 7:00 AM HST.
    Swell direction from the SSE. Swell period is 10 seconds. Wind is SSW 05-10.
  • Surf Forecast for Oahu
    NOTE: Please check with local authorities regarding beach closures. Surf along north facing shores will be 3 to 5 feet today, lowering to 1 to 3 feet Friday. Surf along east facing shores will be 2 to 4 feet through Friday. Surf along south facing shores will be 2 to 4 feet today, rising to […]
  • Oahu Surf Hazards
    No high surf advisory or warnings.