Barry Morrison Inter Island Surf Shop

There is a new sexagenarian surf kid at an old new surf shop in town. I want you to meet the new Inter-Island Surf Shop manager and owner Barry Morrison. Barry has tucked himself into the old Classic Surfboards shop at 451 Kapahulu Ave. reviving and revitalizing Inter-Island Surf Shop and surfboards which started in the Territory of Hawaii and has been on going above and underground first as a physical location in Kaka’ako since 1960. Barry speaks lovingly of the folks who have been involved in the company over the years and traces Inter-Island’s history back to the wood craftsmanship of Abel Gomes who assembled the early hollow board ideas of Tom Blake. (taken from a Chris Aherns article about Paul Strauch in a chapter of LEGENDARY SURFERS) I stopped by the new Kapahulu Avenue location, turned on my bright lights, and put Barry under the spots for an interview which I am sharing here with you. I want to thank Bill Brooks for the use of his original instrumental music in the background of this video, and I want to thank Barry Morrison for the use of some of the still photos found throughout the video.

Inter-Island Surf Shop Featured in Virgin Australia Magazine August 2015


The beachside capital of Hawaii offers more than
just sun and sand. Here, surfer and entrepreneur
Matt Luttrell shares the best places to eat, drink
and hang ten in his adopted home town.

Here in Hawaii, we ‘talk story’, which is local slang for shooting the breeze. One of my favourite people to talk story with is the owner of Inter-Island Surf Shop, Barry Morrison. No-one can tell a story like the owner of a surf shop, and if you bring Barry a beer, you can be sure you will hear a good one. Just remember to call ahead of time if the surf is up, though — Barry could very well be out surfing his favourite reef.


Barry Morrison, the owner of Inter-Island Surf Shop.

13 67 89 (IN AUSTRALIA).


’42 to ’82 – 40 Years of Surfboard Design and Surf Culture

A new exhibit up now in downtown Honolulu – Pauahi Tower Mezzanine (1003 Bishop Street) – The show is composed of 50 boards including seven vintage balsa guns, 3 Brewer Hobie guns, a Terry Martin Hobie gun, Brewer miniguns and a bunch of surf posters, magazines, movie posters, record albums, etc. Grand opening on 9/1/15, 4:30 to 7:00pm. Runs to October 31, 2015. Please join us.


Country Surfboards
1969 Pintail Gun
Shaped by Mike Turkington


Country Surfboards was founded in 1967 when a small group of North Shore surfers felt the need to combine their love of surfing with their need to make a living. Barry Kanaiapuni, Tiger Espere (shown above) and Mike Turkington all earned their credentials shaping for Country Surfboards.


Barry Kanaiaupuni
Lightning Bolt
1976 Wing Pin


Barry Kanaiaupuni was unsurpassed in his powerful bottom turns at Sunset Beach. He was a master shaper who produced iconic pintail guns for Rick Surfboards, Country Surfboards, Surfline and Lightning Bolt Hawaii.


Gerry Lopez
Lightning Bolt
1976 Pipeline Pintail Gun


Gerry Lopes was one of the top tube riders of the mid-1970’s at Banzai Pipeline. Trained by master shaper Dick Brewer, Lopez produced boards under the labels Hanapepe Surfshop, Surfline, Hansen surfboards and was a co-founder of Lightning Bolt Hawaii which became the most revered and copied 1970’s label.

Birdwell meets Inter-Island

Sneak Peek! We’ve got Birdwell & IISS collaboration board shorts coming to the shop! A few colors will be available. More details to come!

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  • WAIKIKI reported 1-2 ft at 2:00 PM HST.
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  • SUNSET reported 7-8 ft at 9:00 AM HST.
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