Inter-Island Surf Shop Recommends “My Paipo Boards and… More”

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(for those of us who are prone to ride)

SH&CC Caption: One of Laird Hamilton's hydrofoil boards, a Dyno kneeboard, a '70s Victoria Skimboard, a '60s "Paipo" bellyboard, a Hawaiian plywood, fiberglass and resin paipo, a balsa twinfin bellyboard, some swim fins (including 1 of Mark Cunningham's), a McDonald's tray, a canvas mat (good for rashes from neck to knees), an early Boogie Board, a Hawaiian bellyboard (popular with visiting tourists in the '30s, '40s & '50s), and a Peruvian Caballito de Totora. We'll be adding a handplane soon as well. On display ca. October/November 2015. For more information, visit the Surfing Heritage & Culture Center.
Photo Credit: My Paipo Boards and... More

Inter-Island Surf Shop Featured in Hawaii Luxury Magazine

Racked surfboards, vintage photography and mid-century Hawai‘i memorabilia line the walls (and much of the ceiling) at Inter-Island Surf Shop in Honolulu. To step through the store’s red-and-black front doors on Kapahulu Avenue is to go back in time to an earlier age of surfing, of tourists brought over on Matson cruise ships to the just built Royal Hawaiian Hotel in the 1920s and 30s; small paipo bodyboards and the venturesome beach boys of Waikiki in the 1950s; and the resurgence of Hawaiian hula, music, culture and language during the second Hawaiian renaissance in the 1970s.

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Hagi checks out classic vintage boards at the Inter-Island surf shop.

Guy Hagi introduces us to Barry Morrison, the owner of Inter-Island Surf Shop on Kapahulu Ave., right next to Rainbow Drive Inn.

Honolulu Surf Film Festival 2017

July 1–August 2

The Honolulu Surf Film Festival turns 10! The lineup of films old and new includes in-depth documentaries on today’s biggest surf talents, creative and comedic ventures, and psychedelic odysseys. Each Thursday night, we honor the history of surf filmmaking with classics selections, including a free screening of John Severson’s Pacific Vibrations. Throughout the month, vote for your favorite surf films during the screenings and we’ll announce the winners of the audience-choice awards before our closing-night screening of Bud Browne’s Going Surfin’.

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